Allele frequency estimates from PoolSeq analysis

Popoolation output file containing the read count data for polymorphic sites. The first column is the scaffold number (chr), the second the position on the scaffold (pos), the third is the base in the reference genome (rc), number of alleles (allele_count), allelic states (allele_states), number of deletions (deletion_sum), whether the snp is variable among populations or against the reference (snp_type), the major alleles in the populations in the order Tac-C, Tac-S, Puy-C, Puy-S (major_alleles(maa)), the same for minor alleles (minor_alleles(mia)), alleles frequency estimates of the major allele expressed as ratio of reads for the respective population (maa_1, maa_2, maa_3, maa_4), and the same for the minor alleles (mia_1, mia_2, mia_3, mia_4)