Among-individual paternity distance and extra-group paternity

This file contains data used for the individual-level analyses of paternity distance (PDi) and extra-group paternity. Data were collected as part of the long-term mark-recapture study of badgers at Woodchester Park (UK). It includes unique identifiers for each badger (ID) as well as their assigned father (Sire ID) and mother (Dam ID), the natal group ID of each badger (Cub_SocG) and its father (Sire_SocG) as well as the distance from cub to paternal social group (zero if same group, measured in meters from social group main sett to social group main sett), parental ages (Dam and Sire Age) and weights (Dam and Sire weight) in kilos, and size (number of adults) and sex ratio (proprtion male) of badgers natal group (Cub_SocG size, sex ratio) and that of their father's social group ( Sire_SocG Size, Sex Ratio).