Antarctic krill swarms in Scotia Sea Summer 2003

2018-03-27T12:54:06Z (GMT) by Geraint Tarling Sally Thorpe
The dataset contains 2043 krill swarms detected using an EK60 echosounder during transects of the Scotia Sea during Jan and Feb 2003. Each of the swarms was detected using the dB difference method described in Tarling et al. 2009. Corresponding measurements of the vertical velocity within and above and below each swarm were made using an acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP). Velocities above and below the swarm were taken from velocities within the swarm to derive a residual. The dataset gives a time and location of each swarm, mean depth of swarm midpoint below surface, swarm properties (depth, length, thickness, packing concentrations) and vertical velocities within, above and below each swarm. There is a further mask which excludes any measurements where there was another swarm present in the ADCP depth/time bin. [Tarling GA, Klevjer T, Fielding S, Watkins JL, Atkinson A, Murphy E, Korb R, Whitehouse M, Leaper R (2009) Variability and predictability of Antarctic krill swarm structure. Deep -Sea Res I 56:1994–2012].