Appendix 1 - Morphotype Catalog

2019-05-04T03:31:25Z (GMT) by Andrew G. Flynn Daniel J. Peppe
Ojo Alamo Sandstone Morphotype Catalog Morphological descriptions, botanical affinities, photographs, and line drawings of all identified Ojo Alamo Sandstone megafloral morphotypes. All dicotyledonous angiosperm leaf morphotypes were described using the Manual of Leaf Architecture (Ellis et al. 2009). Each dicotyledonous angiosperm leaf morphotype description contains leaf architecture description, margin classification, and Raunkiaer-Webb (Webb 1959) size classification. All other groups (i.e. dicotyledonous angiosperm reproductive structures, pteridophytes, monocotyledonous angiosperms, and conifers) were described based on their gross morphology. Botanical affinities of morphotypes were determined after comparison with previously published taxonomy. Each morphotype also has a specimen number which corresponds with the morphotype exemplar. See Supplementary Table 1 for detailed systematic morphotype list and Supplementary Table 2 for morphotype abundance by fossil locality.