Appendix S2

2016-11-19T03:30:32Z (GMT) by Matt Davis
The folder contains all the R script files and data used in the paper. Two datasets are trimmed .csv versions of Table S1 and S3 and the third is functional data for North American mammals from the EltonTraits 1.0 database. Wilman, H., Belmaker, J., Simpson, J., la Rosa, de, C., Rivadeneira, M. M., & Jetz, W. (2014). EltonTraits 1.0: species-level foraging attributes of the world’s birds and mammals. Ecology, 95(7), 2027. To recreate all analyses and figures used in the paper, open the script “Davis Disassembly Main Code Open First.R”, highlight all the text and click run. Make sure that all the script files and data .csv files are in the same folder and that that folder is set as your working directory.