Arthropods on Senna mexicana var. chapmannii plants in plantation at TREC, Homestead, Florida 2003-2004

Plants were established, then manipulated throughout the growing season, and weekly observations were made of arthropods. Columns of data are: Plant number; date; block; treatment (1 = TF = tanglefoot; 2 = C = control; 3 = NP = nail polish; 4 = NPC = nail polish control); status (plant alive, sick, dead); sulfurcp (eggs and larvae of Pieridae); flysuck (Ceratopogonidae); tortricid (larvae tying stem tips); spider; bug predators; wasp predators; ladybug (Cocinellidae); fire ants (Solenopsis); Tiny brown ants (Brachymyrmex); Large Black Ants (Camponotus rasilis & C. sexguttatus); Odontomyrmex; crazy ants (Paratrechina); Camponotus abdominalis; weevils; Pseudomyrmex elongatus; Pseudomyrmex mexicanus (=P. gracilis); snakes (occasionally around or in plants). For all ant species, Ceratopogonidae, weevils, only presence/absence on plant was noted (1 = present).