2016-10-26T13:44:57Z (GMT) by Lindsay Clark Marie Jasieniuk
Microsatellite genotypes at locus CBA23. This is a tab-delimited text file in the format produced by Applied Biosystems GeneMapper software version 3.7. Each sample*locus genotype is represented in one row. The "Sample Name" column gives names of samples that directly correspond to those used in "species_chloroplast_latlong.csv". The "Well" column indicates the location of the sample on the DNA dilution plates. The "Marker" column indicates the microsatellite marker. The "Panel" column indicates groups of markers that were run simultaneously on the ABI3100 capillary sequencer. The "Dye" column indicates the fluorescent tag used to detect the PCR fragments: Y for NED, G for HEX, and B for FAM. The "Allele" columns contain the names of all alleles detected for each genotype. Cells are left blank if fewer alleles were detected than the number of columns. A value of -9 for Allele 1 indicates missing data. The "Height" columns indicate the height of the peak representing each allele, and the "Size" columns indicate the exact size of the DNA fragment as calculated by GeneMapper. A value of "TRUE" in the "AE" column indicates that the genotype was manually edited in GeneMapper, although all genotypes were visually inspected. The R package "polysat" can read these file directly, and will use the "Sample Name", "Marker", and "Allele" columns, and will ignore all other columns.