Characteristics of membrane feeding assay blood donors and mosquito infections

Model takes raw QT-NASBA data from Schneider et al. 2007 (doi:10.5061/dryad.589ft) and Ouédraogo et al. 2009 (doi:10.5061/dryad.hv01f) and fits a mathematical model to estimate the gametocyte density (gam.median) and 95% Bayesian Credible Intervals (gam.lower, gam.upper). These are combined with blood donor and mosquito characteristics from the membrane feeding assays. Column “Host” denotes host id, “Experiment” gives country (0=Burkina, 1=Kenya), age (0=<7 or 1=>=7 years old) and “” is the asexual parasite density category as measured by microscopy (0=none,1=low,2=high). The point estimate for prevalence of oocysts is given from the model outputs “prev.median” together with 95% Bayesian Credible Intervals (prev.lower, prev.upper). Full details are given in the manuscript.