2019-07-30T11:05:27Z (GMT) by Juan P. Quimbayo Fernando A. Zapata
The data sets available here are parts of the following article: Quimbayo JP and Zapata FA Cleaning interactions by gobies on a tropical eastern Pacific coral reef Description: Matrix showed the list of clients attended by gobies cleaners at Gorgona Island, Tropical Eastern Pacific. A cleaning event is defined as the observation of a cleaner removing ectoparasites, diseased tissue, and/or mucus from the body surface, gills or buccal cavity of the clients. Data are provided in the form of comma separated values files (csv). All R codes for reproducing analyses are available from the authors on request. Any additional queries should be directed to the corresponding author Juan P. Quimbayo ( The release of this data does not exempt those who reuse the data from following community norms for scholarly communication, in particular from the citation of this paper and the original data authors as detailed above.