Climate data June-August

2018-11-29T03:30:26Z (GMT) by Sophie Karrenberg Emelie Hallander
Average temperatures (minimum, mean, maxiumu) during the seed fall period of Silene dioica (L.) Clairv. and S. latifolia Poiret (June – August) for 20 populations of S. dioica and 19 populations of S. latifolia (Table S1). Data are calculated from long-term monthly averages (1960-1990) obtained from WorldClim – Global Climate Data (, Hijmans et al., 2005, Int. J. Climatol. 25:1965-1978). Colum names: pop, population name; Sp, species [SD: S. dioica, SL, S. latifolia]; Max, maximum temperature June-August; Mean, mean temperature June-August; Min, minimum temperature June-August.