Colour data for artificial traps placed on artificial backgrounds

These data relate to measurement of the colour of the artificial traps and artificial backgrounds used in the ‘artificial traps on artificial background’ part of the study. Each record related to measurement of the colour of a single trap and its background. These traps are a sample created with used in the study, though these traps were not used in the study itself. Data were collected electronically using image analysis of digital photographs. ‘Trap’: Trap i.d. ‘TrpClr’: trap colour. ‘BGClr’: Background colour. ‘TrapL*’: Trap L*. ‘Trapa*’: Trap a*. ‘Trapb*’: Trap b*. ‘BGL*’: background L*. ‘BGa*’: Background a*. ‘BGb*’: Background b*. ‘DeltaE76’: Delta E76 for difference between trap and background.