Counts of seedling figs and predictor variables in center plots

This data was collected in the field in fifty-two 30 m x 30 m plots in southwest Florida. SITECODE and IDENT columns are unique names for each plot, Y_PROJ and X_PROJ are the UTM coordinates (NAD83/ zone 17N) of the center of each plot, cabbage palms is the number of cabbage palms in each plot, aurea seedlings and microcarpa seedlings are counts of fig seedlings of Ficus aurea and Ficus microcarpa in each plot, canopy cover is estimated canopy cover over each plot (on a scale of 1-5), understory height represents the mean height of understory vegetation (in meters) in each plot and microcarpa and aurea DBH represent the summed DBH (in cm) of all reproductive adult figs in a 300 m radius around each plot.