Cross Inoculation Data

2016-10-31T09:12:00Z (GMT) by Tiffany B Taylor Angus Buckling
Cross Inoculation Data.csv, Data description: Data used to create Figure 1: Cross inoculation of evolved strains between evolutionary environments. The data gives the area of dispersal of the evolved strains relative to the ancestral strain from which all strains were derived. There are 6 replicate lines, which were averaged to give “Mean Area Relative to Ancestor”. Data was collected in the lab and analysed using ImageJ. Columns correspond to: Strain Replicate: the name allocated to each of the replicate lines, e.g. H1 corresponds to replicate line 1 evolved on hard agar. Agar Type on which Strain was Evolved: Strains were either evolved in hard or liquid agar. Agar Type onto which Strain was Inoculated: Strains were either inoculated onto hard or liquid agar. Area Relative to Ancestor: Area of evolved strain under each treatment group was divided by area of ancestral strain under the same treatment to give a relative measurement of area dispersed. Selection Type: Strains were either under positive or neutral artificial selection for dispersal.