The DLC Strepsirrhine Life History Summary Table contains 91 variables for 27 taxa. There are two versions of this file provided; they contain the same information but are formatted for different uses. The first, data record 1a, is a reference version, with all variables in character format in each of 91 rows, and 27 columns each referencing a different taxon. The reference version is designed to facilitate locations of particular data points for particular taxon that a user may be interested in and can be found in the HTML version of the associated manuscript. The second, data record 1b, is an analysis version that contains a mixture of character and numeric variables each in one of 91 columns, with a row for each of the 27 species. While it is perhaps more difficult to find a specific data point in this table, this version can be imported directly into analysis software for comparison of variables across taxa. Data record 1b is stored as comma separated values.