Data S2. Oultier Loci

2016-11-02T08:19:24Z (GMT) by Matthew A. Lemay Michael A. Russello
Multi-locus SNP data for all individuals of known ecotype and all trawl samples at the 18 outlier loci identified in this study. Data are presented in two-row Structure format; the first column contains sample names, the second column contains a number indicating the treatment (1=stream, 2=shore, 3=trawl), the remaining columns contain genotypes with “-9” used to indicate missing data. Sample names use the following convention: -The first two characters indicate either the Stream (St) or Shore (Sh) ecotype. -The second two characters indicate the sample location: Mission Creek (MK), Peachland Creek (PA), Powers Creek (PW), Penticton Creek (PN), Northeast shore (NE), Northwest shore (NW), Southeast shore (SE). -The four characters following the underscore indicate the year that samples were collected (either 2007 or 2010). -The final characters following the hyphen indicate the unique sample ID number for the ecotype, location, and year. -'Tr' is used to indicate samples of unknown ecotype that were collected by trawl.