Data for Alp clone cold reaction for Dryad.xlsx

The row data is in "data" sheet. The description of the data is in "" sheet. The description of the data: 1 row indicates 1 plant for which chlorophyll fluorescence was measured. Column "source". Which plants were derived from "seed" (i.e. seedling) or "clone" (i.e. tissule cultured plantlet). Column "w.genotype". If clone, name of genotype is provided. Otherwise, "half-sib". Column "pop". Name of populations. Either "ardal" in Norway, "notsand" in Sweden, or "sandfell" in Iceland. Column "treat". Experimental treatments. "pre": pre-cold treatment. "post": post-cold treatment. Column "ind". Number of plants. Column "block". Name of blocks. Chlorophyll fluorescence of plants in the same block was measured at the same time. Column "fvfm". Fv/Fm, chlorophyll fluorescence. Column "phy". Fv’/Fm’, chlorophyll fluorescence. Column "fvfm2". ФPSII, chlorophyll fluorescence.