Data for main analyses and Figure 3

Processed data on leaf litter, detritivore (Det) and predator (Pre) communities sampled on the core sites of the EFForTS project ( in the Jambi Province on Sumatra, Indonesia in 2012, used to perform the main analyses and plot Figure 3. Sites are coded as landscape-transformation system-replicate (two landscapes: Bukit Duabelas and Harapan; four transformation systems: Forest, Jungle rubber, Rubber, Oil palm). CN is the unitless ratio of dry-mass carbon to dry-mass nitrogen for leaf litter (single measurements weighted after relative importance of specimens in the local leaf litter) and animal tissue (averaged over measured individuals) per core site. Litter.mass gives the dry litter mass per ground area in g cm-2. Dens gives the density as number of individuals m-2, div is the number of morphospecies per core site, biomass is the fresh biomass in mg m-2 and per-unit-biomass consumer feeding rates were calculated as W mg-1. Note that data are non-logged and non-normalized.