Data from: A portfolio effect of shrub canopy height on species richness in both stressful and competitive environments

2016-10-28T11:25:57Z (GMT) by Kari Anne Bråthen christopher lortie
Data file with the following variables: District pair - number from 1-10 where each pair number represents two neighbouring reindeer districts where one has relatively higher reindeer density and the other relatively lower reindeer density; Relative reindeer density - Indicating whether the reindeer district belongs to the high or low reindeer density category; District - actual district number given by the authorities of reindeer herderers (Reindriftsforvaltningen); Landscape area - ID of the 2 km x2 km areas; Sampling square - ID of the 200 m x 200 m squares; Julian date - date of sampling; Bedrock nutrient category - category explanation provided in the paper; Curvature index - category explanation provided in the paper; E coord UTM 33; N coord UTM 33; Temperature - in ºC; Shrub canopy height - in cm; Total biomass - in grams; Total species richness - the count of species; Grass biomass - in grams; Emeptrum nigrum presence - 0 for absence and 1 for presence; Shrub biomass - in grams; Species richness excluding shrub species - the count of species; Cover of lichens and bryophytes - point estimates