Data from: Season and site fidelity determine home range of dispersing and resident juvenile Greenland cod (Gadus ogac) in a Newfoundland fjord. A Canadian Healthy Oceans Network Population Connectivity, PC-03

Acoustic telemetry data was collected from October 2010 - October 2011 for 42 individual age 1+ Gadus ogac individuals tagged with Vemco Ltd™ V7-4L coded acoustic tags, programmed to emit a signal at a randomized average delay of every 240 ± 70 s, and a nominal tag life of 415 days. A receiver network comprised of 26 Vemco™ VR2W and VR2 hydrophones allowed for continual detection throughout Newman Sound over a full year. The data presented have been filtered to eliminate spurious detections using both a single detection filter (eliminating lone detections for a single fish over 24 hours) and a conservative speed filter (eliminating detections > 2 body lengths/second apart which could indicate ingestion by a predator). Using known positions of the acoustic receivers, we calculated position estimates in hourly time intervals using a weighted arithmetic mean to increase precision from a presence/absence dataset to a position-based dataset. Therefore the beginning of each hour time interval is indicated in the "Date" and "Time" field. Positions are indicated in decimal degrees in the "COA_Lat" and "COA_Lon" fields of the CSV files. Also included are the ArcGIS defined "POINT_X" and "POINT_Y" fields using a NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_21N projection. Individual fish IDs are included in the "Tag" field. The "Transplant" field indicates whether the individual was in the control group (site of capture = site of release) or the transplant group (site of capture ≠ site of release). Site of capture is indicated by the "Cove" field (HC = Heffern's Cove; BC= Buckley's Cove).