Deguines et al 2016_Lepdata

This table provide the data of the 337 Lepidoptera communities analysed as described in Appendix 1. Field “collection_id” is a unique ID number for each Lepidoptera community; field “long” and “lat” provide longitude and latitude of the site sampled. Field “volunteer_id” gives a unique ID number for each volunteer observing data. Field “prop_Lep_withCSI” gives, for each Lepidoptera community, the proportion of insect that were available for the calculation of the CSI (i.e. for each collection, the proportion of insects with a defined specialisation index). Field “prop_urban_1km” is the proportion of urban areas within 1km of the sampling sites. Fields “richness_Lep” and “CSI_Lep” are respectively the richness and the Community Specialisation Index of the Lepidoptera communities.