Sync file of allele coverage for Drosophila simulans SNPs in major chromosome arms (X, 2L, 2R, 3L, 3R). Columns in this sync file correspond to chromosome, position, base, Dsim_A_F0, Dsim_B_F0, Dsim_C_F0, Dsim_A_F60_Hot, Dsim_B_F60_Hot, Dsim_C_F60_Hot. Nomenclature of the samples is as follows: e.g. species_replicate_generation_selection regime. Species: Dsim (Drosophila simulans), replicate: letters (A-Z), generation: F#, # indicating the number of generations, and selection regime: Hot. Format specification of sync file is described in Kofler et al., PoPoolation2: identifying differentiation between populations using sequencing of pooled DNA samples (Pool-Seq). Bioinformatics 2011;27:3435-3436. See main publication for additional information about data processing, SNP calling and filtering.