Estimated tree using data from Janz et al., (2001)

2016-11-02T09:38:14Z (GMT) by Emma Day Xia Hua Lindell Bromham
Our estimated tree generated using data from Janz et al., (2001). The tree is based on the mitochondrial gene (nd1) and nuclear gene (wingless) for 25 species in the butterfly tribe Nymphalini and one outgroup, Argynnis paphia. The accession numbers were taken from Nylin et al., (2001). The tree was estimated using BEAST v2.1.3 (Bouckaert et al., 2014) on the constrained topology from Janz et al., (2001). We used a HKY + Γ model of nucleotide evolution with separate partitions for each gene, a relaxed log-normal clock, and a coalescent prior. Further information and full references can be found in the supplementary material of our paper.