# field data on the morphology (beak and head dimensions) of Geospiza fortis from Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador. # file type = text file # meaning of the column headings: Indi=individual ID, Year=year of colection, Location=site of colection, Species=species (G.fortis), Mean_b.length=mean beak length, Mean_b.depth=mean beak depth, Mean_b.width=mean beak width, Head.Length=mean head length, Head.Width=mean beak width, Head.Depth=mean beak depth, mean.tip=mean bite force for the tip of the beak, mean.side=mean bite force for the side of the beak, H.index.item=index of hardness for different food items, H.index.seed=index of hardness for different seed types, seeds.only=seed type items only