Evolution_DeCasien et al_Supplementary Data

This excel file contains all data used in the manuscript "Encephalization and longevity evolved in a correlated fashion in Euarchontoglires but not in other mammals". Specifically, this data set contains maximum lifespans, species average brain weights, and species average body weights for more than 600 mammalian species, including 151 carnivorans (Carnivora), 77 even-toed ungulates (Artiodactyla), 37 cetaceans (Cetacea), and 54 chiropterans (Chiroptera) among Laurasiatheria, and 168 rodents (Rodentia), 10 lagomorphs (Lagomorpha), 3 tree shrews (Scandentia), and 144 primates (Primates) among Euarchontoglires.