Feather microstructure measurements for Dark-eyed junco in the Selkirk Mountains

A combination of body condition data and feather microstructure variables. Originally, all microstructure variables were measured twice on two separate feathers. After finding there was no difference between variables measured on separate feathers (P>0.33), we pooled the variables within individual and the averaged values are depicted in this data set (i.e., one row per individual). Column heading abbreviations: penn.length & plum.length are the linear measurements of the pennaceous and plumulaceous feather regions respectively; penn.barb is the number of pennacous barbs counted to measure density; penn.density.length is the length over which the barbs were counted; penn.density is penn.barb/penn.density.length; penn.barbules: this series is the same as the penn.barb columns but for barbule densities measured twice (on two separate barbs); barbule.length: measurements of individual barbule length from 5 randomly selected barbules on the section of the barb that barbule density was measured.