Figure S4. Radiation sensitivity of Cu assessed by collecting a sequential series of 5 XANES spectra from given regions in 3 different ‘S’-cells (panels A, B, C). Panel A Spectral Range 6099-6103 (n=5) Panel B Spectral Range 6085-89 (n=5) Panel C Spectral Range 6123-27 (n=5) The thin methacrylate-embedded sections were obtained from a woodlouse sampled at 02:00 hours. In each panel, the large down-pointing vertical arrow indicates that the top spectrum was collected first and the lowest spectrum last. Note that the small shoulder on the absorption edge at 8982.5 eV (broken arrows) is slightly eroded from the third acquired spectrum onwards (cf. Fig. 7). File type provided: XAS _dtc.dat - deadtime corrected (DTC) XAS files; column format: Monochromator angle : energy : time per point : I0 : It; Idrain : raw fluorescence counts channels 1-9: summed raw fluorescence counts: DTC flu counts channels 1-9: summed DTC fluorescence counts