Figure S5. Radiation sensitivity of Zn assessed by collecting a sequential series of 5 XANES spectra from given regions in 2 different ‘S’-cells (panels A and B). Panel A Spectral Range 6142-46 Panel B Spectral Range 6116-21 The thin methacrylate-embedded sections were obtained from a woodlouse sampled at 0200 hours. In each panel, the large down-pointing vertical arrow indicates that the top spectrum was collected first and the lowest spectrum last. Note that the absorption edge peak at ~9670 eV (broken arrows) is slightly eroded from the 2nd acquisition onwards (A) and from the 4th onwards (B). File type provided: XAS _dtc.dat - deadtime corrected (DTC) XAS files; column format: Monochromator angle : energy : time per point : I0 : It; Idrain : raw fluorescence counts channels 1-9: summed raw fluorescence counts: DTC flu counts channels 1-9: summed DTC fluorescence counts