Fig. 1- Siderasis albofaciata

2016-10-26T10:39:36Z (GMT) by Marco Pellegrini
Fig. 1. Siderasis albofaciata M.Pell. A, habit, showing the well-defined white stripe along the midvein of the leaves and the flagelliform-shoots with terminal rosettes. B, detail of the abaxial side of the leaf, showing the light-brown lanate indumenta. C, detail of the adaxial side of the leaf, showing the light-brown hispid indumenta. D, detail of the inflorescence, showing the solitary cincinnus. E, flower F, detail of the androecium and the gynoecium. G, detail of the capsules, the left one immature with evident accrescent sepals and the right one mature. H, detail of an open capsule, showing the uniseriate to partly biseriate arillate seeds. I, Dorsal view of a seed, showing the semi-lateral embryotega and the cream-colored, slightly translucent and thick aril. F by L. Kollmann (L. Kollmann et al. 11839, MBML), remaining photos by M.O.O. Pellegrini (M.O.O. Pellegrini et al. 337, RB, US).