Fig. 2- Siderasis inflorescence

2016-10-26T10:39:39Z (GMT) by Marco Pellegrini
Fig. 2. The inflorescence of Siderasis Raf. A, inflorescence diagram. B, rosette apex of S. albofaciata, showing: the main florescence (primary thyrse) with a flower at post-anthesis and a flower bud; the developed secondary thyrse with a flower at anthesis (arrow); and a young tertiary thyrse (arrow). C, synflorescence of S. fuscata, showing: the condensed synflorescence main axis and the long-pedunculate cincinni. P= prophyll; pB= peduncle bract on main synflorescence axis; *= aborted or dormant apex of main inflorescence axis (usually not observed); B= cincinnus bract; b= bracteole; f= flower; 1º bud= bud terminating cincinnus; 2º bud= bud in axil of peduncle bract with potential to develop into a secondary thyrse (coflorescence); 2º cincinnus= cincinnus of the secondary thyrse (coflorescence). Modified from Hardy and Faden (2004).