Findings from a systematic review of ebolavirus serology in subjects without known ebola virus disease

2017-01-14T03:30:14Z (GMT) by Hilary Bower Judith Glynn
The dataset contains findings and information from 51 seroprevelance studies performed from on samples collected from 1961 to 2016. These investigated 84 exposure-defined subgroups of subjects reported to have had no symptoms of EVD during the outbreak period, or to have come from populations with no known outbreaks. The data covers more than 44,000 people. The dataset records the sample locations, exposure type, numbers investigated, number/% considered positive and the cut-off used to define positivity. The data comes from a systematic review of published papers: DOI/PMCID?PMIDs are recorded. Information on antigens tested, any validation work and other notes are in the ReadMe file, as are explanations of the variables