Fish species occupancy Table A5

Species-specific slope estimates in logit-regression models of persistence and colonization probabilities as functions of a variable representing low-flow frequency in dynamic occupancy models for 28 taxa at 10 sites in the Etowah River, GA (2001-2014). The low-flow variable was an annual count of days in March through September with daily average discharge less than the 10th percentile of the mean monthly flow based on the period-of-record for U.S. Geological Survey streamgage 02392000, Etowah River at Canton GA. Prior to analysis, the flow variable was transformed by subtracting the mean and dividing by the standard deviation of the untransformed data. Species-specific slopes are on the logit scale and were calculated as the sum of the fixed-effect and the species-specific random effect for the slope relating low-flow days to persistence or colonization. The 2.5% and 97.5% values bracket the 95% credible interval for the slope estimate.