Flowering phenology of bat-pollinated plants in Thailand

2017-08-25T03:30:16Z (GMT) by Alyssa B. Stewart Michele R. Dudash
This file contains phenological data of common bat-pollinated plant species in southern Thailand. DATE: date the data was collected; PARK: location where the data was collected (KBT- Khao Banthat Wildlife Sanctuary, KPKY- Khao Pu Khao Ya National Park, TB- Thale Ban National Park, TNC- Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary); SPECIES: plant species (C.pentandra- Ceiba pentandra, D.zibethinus- Durio zibethinus, M.acuminata- Musa acuminata, O.indicum- Oroxylum indicum, P.speciosa- Parkia speciosa, P.timoriana- Parkia timoriana, S.alba- Sonneratia alba, S.caseolaris- Sonneratia caseolaris, S.griffithi- Sonneratia griffithi, S.ovata- Sonneratia ovata); FL: number of trees with flowers, out of 10 randomly selected trees; FR: number of trees with fruits, out of the 10 randomly selected trees; B: number of trees with both fruits and flowers, out of the 10 randomly selected trees; N: number of trees with neither fruits nor flowers, out of the 10 randomly selected trees.