Frog susceptibility dataset

Results of the laboratory frog susceptibility experiment described in Knapp et al. (2016). In this experiment, we collected Rana sierrae adults from each of three persistent populations (in which frogs have persisted with the amphibian chytrid fungs (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis; Bd) for at least 10 years) and three Bd-naïve populations (that have never been exposed to Bd). In the laboratory, we exposed pairs of frogs (one from a persistent population and one from a naïve population) to one of four strains of Bd. Bd was cultured from two persistent frog populations and two populations in which frogs had recently experienced Bd-caused mass die offs (“die-off” populations). After Bd exposure, we measured Bd infection intensities (“loads”) on frogs over a 15-wk period. Additional details are provided in Knapp et al. (2016) and in the associated ReadMe file.