Gasterosteus and Gyrodactylus: results of artificial infection experiments showing local adaptation

The file contains the results from five experiments. Experiments 1 to 4 show the outcome of artificial infections of stickleback hosts from different populations (lakes) with Gyrodactylus parasites from different lakes. Data shown are the populations of origin of the host and parasite, the sex, length (mm) and family (where applicable) of hosts, and the total number of parasites counted on the host over the course of the experiment. Different experiments are for different combinations of host and parasite populations, and had slightly different experimental conditions (e.g. number of parasites used to start an infection, and frequency of counts). Experiment 5 shows the results (in hours until death) of an experiment in which parasites from different lakes (and detached from hosts), were reciprocally exposed to water from the same lakes.