Geneartion 4

2016-11-02T10:59:31Z (GMT) by Kristen K. Irwin Pat A. Carter
Each row represents sequential mass measurements for a given individual. The column headings, in order, represent the beetled identification number (ID), its sex (Sex), the sire that produced it (Sire), the dam that produced it (DAM), the date of its egg hatch (HatchDate), the date of the first measurement (Date1), the age at first measurement (DSH1), the mass at first measurement (Mass1), the date of second measurement (Date2), etc. After larval measurements, information about the pupal and adult stages is listed in columns to the right: date of pupation (PubDate), age at pupation (DTP), pupal mass (PupMass), date of eclosion to the adult stage (EcDate), and age at eclosion to the adult stage (DTE). Any individuals who do not have a pupal mass measurement did not survive to pupation, and individuals without an eclosion date (but with a pupal mass measure) survived to pupation but not to eclosion.