Graves_et_al_data1 (full data except geographical regions)

Data sources are described in the published paper. Data file contains headers and 1964 other rows (total of 1965 rows). Missing values are indicated by NULL. Variable names: descriptions. County: text of county name. observation_date: month/day/year for original observation. location_name: text name given to the location in the Tricolored Blackbird Portal ( observer: text for observer’s name. bird_count: integer for the total number of birds reported. primary_substrate: text name the breeding substrate listed in the record as either the dominant kind of vegetation or the first listed kind. NULL indicates no data were available. secondary_substrate: text name for a second or less common breeding substrate listed in the record. NULL indicates no data were available, which is the case for the majority of records because only a single substrate was recorded in the record. Colony: yes or no for whether the record comes from a breeding colony or not. NULL indicates it was not clear and the data were therefore omitted from breeding colony analyses.