II Levin Encounternet methods paper calibration and field test files

2016-10-26T15:12:05Z (GMT) by Iris I. Levin
The following CSV files are contained in the zipped folder: BarnFieldTest.csv: data for comparison of tag-tag RSSI in field vs. barn. BrokenLogComparison.csv: data to compare broken logs to unbroken logs of comparable length from Encounternet tag deployment. Brokenlogs.csv: Data containing all broken log files. Dyads.csv: Data for all dyadic logs collected from Encounternet tag deployment. DyadsforLogistcReg.csv: Data for logistic regression on dyadic logs. RangeTestforDummyMount.csv: Data for comparison of tag mount dummy for field testing. TagBaseTest.csv: Data for tests of inter-receiver station variability. TagTagDistCat.csv: Data for tests of inter-tag variability. TagTagTest.csv: Data for tests of inter-tag variability