J.haematoloma morphology in 1988 & 2013-2015

2016-10-26T06:49:17Z (GMT) by Meredith L. Cenzer
Morphological data from 1988 (collected by SP Carroll, first published in Carroll & Boyd 1992) and 2013-2015 (collected by ML Cenzer). Column heading definitions: pophost=host plant species from which individuals were collected in the field; population=location name (city or island name); sex=M for male, F for female; beak=length of beak in mm; thorax=width of pronotum at widest point in mm; wing=length of forewing at longest point in mm; body=length from anterior tip of tylus to distal tip of closed forewing in mm (S indicates short-winged individuals - body length measures were not taken for these); month=collection month; year=collection year. Not all measures were taken for all individuals; NAs and blanks both indicate the measure was not taken. Data from two host plants (Cardiospermum microcarpum & Koelreuteria paniculata) not reported on in the manuscript are also included in this data file.