Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file of the spread of H7 influenza lineages of various pathogenicity.

2016-11-02T10:11:54Z (GMT) by Daniel A. Janies
Data file from: Analysis and visualization of H7 influenza using genomic, evolutionary, and geographic information in a modular web service. In press Cladistics 2012. Daniel A. Janies, Laura W. Pomeroy, Jacob M. Aaronson, Samuel Handelman, Jori Hardman, Kevin Kawalec, Thomas Bitterman and Ward C. Wheeler. KML file for Google Earth (TM) or other geospatial browser be sure to select the statusesdna878126-colored.kml "places" in the panel to the left. Red lines depict high pathogenic lineages, green lines show low pathogenic lineages, and purple lines represent lineages in a borderline state of pathogenicity. Color changes represent evolutionary changes in pathogenicity.