Leaf and Branch Data

2016-10-07T07:21:34Z (GMT) by Michelle E. Afkhami John R. Stinchcombe
Data for experiment looking at effects of rhizobia and mycorrhizal fungi on plants trifoliate leaf number and branch number. Column Names -- "Block" is a number 1-5 that represents the spatial block in which the plant is located, "Plant_ID" is a unique number used to identify each plant in the experiment, "Myco_fungi" and "Rhizobia" indicates the presence (+) or absence (-) of mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobia treatments, "#_Branches" and "#_Trifoliate_Leaves" are counts of total number of plant branches and leaves , and "Week" indicates the week post-inoculation that the data was collected. Note that data was collected at three time points.