Linear morphometry of Stigmatomma species in the Malagasy bioregion – raw data set of measurements and indices

2016-11-02T10:56:18Z (GMT) by Esteves F.A. Fisher B.L.
Measurements were taken on a Leica MZ APO stereomicroscope, rounded to the nearest 0.01 mm. Head length (HL): in fullface view, straight line from the anterior clypeal margin to the midpoint of a straight imaginary line connecting posterior corners of the head. Head width (HW): maximum width of the head, including eyes when present. Head width 2 (HW2): width of the head immediately posterior to the posterolateral margin of the clypeus. Scape length (SL): length of the scape (first antennal segment), excluding its basal constriction or neck and condyle. Mandibular length (ML): outer length of the mandible. Weber’s length of mesosoma (WL): diagonal length of the mesosoma in profile, from base of anterior slope of pronotum to metapleural lobe. Propodeal posterior width (PPW): width of posterior margin of propodeal dorsal face, in dorsal view. Petiolar length (PtL): maximum length of petiole in dorsal view. Petiolar width (PtW): maximum width of petiole in dorsal view. Cephalic index (CI): HW/HL ×100. Scape index (SI): SL/HL ×100. Mandibular index (MI): ML/HL ×100. Petiolar index (PtI): PtL/PtW ×100.