Linux binary for metapopulation simulation program

This is a compiled binary of the metapopulation simulation program for CentOS Linux 7.4. This program requires the GSL to run. Executing the program with no options provides the following help/usage menu: ./metapop version 1 -- Dec. 2016 Usage: metapop [options] -g Number of generations -k Carrying capacity or constant population size -p Patch organization: 0 = coarse grain, 1 = fine grain, 2 = random -l Number of causal loci -m Migration rate between neighboring demes -s Per allele selection coefficient -r Genetic arch.: 1 = SNPs liked, 0 = free recombination -v Standing genetic variation: 1 = true, 0 = false -u Mutation rate per locus -w Fitness function: 0 = additive, 1 = multiplicitive -f Outfile prefix