Literature Sample2: 40 recently published phylogeny-related articles

2016-11-02T09:38:19Z (GMT) by Arlin Stoltzfus Brian O'Meara
We searched Thomson Reuters Web of Science (WoS) in May of 2011 for articles matching 'phylogen*' in title or 'topic'. WoS sorted the results by 'relevance', and we picked 40 articles from the top of the list. We deliberately chose this approach to focus on articles likely to focus on phylogeny, rather than to mention it peripherally. However, because we do not know exactly what 'topic' and 'relevance' mean in this case (and WoS does not make its methodology clear to users), we cannot be certain what kind of a sample this represents. Of the 40 articles, 38 report new trees, considerably more than the 27/40 expected by chance for an article that matches 'phylogen*' anywhere (see below). The file "LitSample2_40RecentPhylogenInDepth.csv" contains extensive notes on the 40 articles. This spreadsheet was populated by an online fillable form that is available from the authors on request (in case any reader would like to analyze their own literature sample).