Locality Info and Genetic and Phenotypic Data for Western Scrub-Jay Museum Specimens

This Excel spreadsheet lists all 689 Western Scrub-Jay museum specimens used in the study. Museum abbreviations: Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH); Moore Laboratory of Zoology, Occidental College (MLZ); Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Berkeley (MVZ). Haplotypes of the cytochrome B gene are coastal (C) or interior (I). Structure results refer to the raw results making up the different panels of Figure 3. The raw microsatellite data are listed in actual allele sizes after allele calling. For the phenotypic data: collar, vent, and eyestripe are qualitatively-scored categorical data ranging from 1 to 6. Collar is the amount of blue coming down from the shoulders under the necklace with 1 = heavy collar (coastal) and 6 = little collar (interior). Vent is the amount of blue tinging to the feathers under the tail coverts, with 1 = white feathers (coastal) and 6 = heavily blue-tinged feathers (interior). Eyestripe is the boldness of the white stripe above the eye, with 1 = bold stripe (coastal) and 6 = small stripe (interior). Other phenotypic data are in the form of continuous variables measured in millimeters. Blank cells mean there is no data taken for that individual at that variable.