Lucid identification key

The zip file contains all the Lucid data files. The electronic identification key for the species of ruficornis-group was prepared in Lucid 3.5 Builder ( If the licence for Lucid 3.5 is lacking, the free version of Lucid 3.3 can be used to run the key. Only species of the ruficornis group are included in the key, but there are additional characters that do not vary within the group, but which can be used to exclude other Pristiphora species. In case of ambiguities or polymorphisms in character states, we conservatively coded these to multiple states. The key contains 37 morphological features with 94 character states and 43 entities (species and groups, 20 for males and 23 for females). The first choice given in the key is between female and male, one of which has to be chosen to see all other characters. After that, characters can be chosen freely or one can use ‘Best’ and ‘Next Best’ tools in Lucid that suggests the most efficient sequence of characters for identification.