Maternal longevity after infection

"date.laid" refers to date that the eggs were laid to create the parental generation. "block" refers to experimental block. "trt" referst to the treatment given to the maternal larva where "n" = naive handling only, "cdrop" = fed a control drop of sugar water and food dye, "cdip" = control dipped in distilled water, "fungi" = infected with a LD05 dose of Bb, "bt" = infected with a LD05 dose of Bt, "co" = coinfected with both pathogens. "family" = unique family identifier. "date.eclosed" = date the mother eclosed after pupating. "mated" = was the mother mated? Sometimes there were not enough males eclosing to mate all of the available females. "egg48" = number of eggs laid after 48 hours. "larvaldeath" = did the animal die as a larvae where "0" = dead and "1" = alive. "no.eclose" = animal did not eclose. "truncated" = a combination of larvaldeath and no.eclose. "date.infected" = date the maternal larva was infected.