Microsatellite and Phenological Data for Lobelia inflata

2016-11-02T07:38:55Z (GMT) by P. William Hughes Andrew M. Simons
This dataset contains five spreadsheets. The first shows the growth conditions, initial size and phenological characters for the 811 S1 offspring of the field-sourced P1 generation of experimental plants. This data was analyzed using the GLM and GLMM models shown in the paper. The second shows the pairwise comparisons between the eleven genetic lineages for each locus. When two lineages share the same allele at a given locus, this is listed as “1”, and if they differ, this is listed as “0”. The total (overall) pairwise similarity between lineages is shown at the bottom of the spreadsheet. The third shows summary data reporting the pairwise similarity data for all lineages. The fourth reports the environmental data used to plot Figures S1-S3. The fifth shows the genotypic data for each of the original P1 individuals as analyzed by GENEPOP 4.2.