Nectar Removal Experiment: Repeated Measures- Floral Nectar

The purpose of this experiment was to determine if extrafloral and floral nectar production trade off. The endpoint data included in a different spreadsheet was recorded from the last three days of this experiment. Species identifies the species being studied. id is a identifier to distinguish individual plants. Treatment is the experimental treatment applied to the plant (FN=floral nectar removed; EFN+FN=extrafloral and floral nectar removed). Day is the day of the experiment (Calendar day of each Day 1 for each species differs because species had different start times). EFNsugar is the mass of extrafloral nectar sugar removed (mg sucrose equivalent). Temp is the average temperature (C) of the greenhouse from 6pm the previous evening to 6pm on the day of the removal, with temperature being measured every 15 minutes.