OD readings taken during the fitness assay of lines evolved in Bolds

2017-01-28T03:31:09Z (GMT) by Josianne Lachapelle Nick Colegrave
This file contains the optical density ("absorbance") measurements of each culture taken during the fitness assay of the lines evolved in Bold's. "Selection": whether the spore assayed is ancestral or evolved; "History": the genetic history of the lines (3 levels); "Reproduction": the mode of reproduction of the lines during the selection experiment; "Line": number identifying the line; "Spore": number identifying the spore; "Replicate": replicate culture; "Time": time in days; "corrOD": the optical density value corrected by the OD value of a well with media only; "corrLOG10N": the log10 value of the corrected OD value.