Plumage reflectance data for Dark-eyed junco in the Selkirk Mountains

A combination of body condition data collected in the field and plumage reflectance data derived from the R package 'pavo' (Maia et al. 2013) which is based on Stoddard and Prum (2008)'s 'Tetracolourspace'. The data was generated using an average avian visual and achromatic cone system. Column heading abbreviations: u.p, s.p, m.p, l.p: proportion of ultra-violet, short wave, medium wave, and long wave reflectance, respectively; u.r, s.r, m.r, l.r: relative reflectance for each wavelength category; the remaining variables (x, y, z, h.theta, h.phi, r.vec, r.max, and r.achieved) were ultimately not used in the final analysis but serve to place individuals in a 3D Tetracolourspace and also allow calculation of variables such as brilliance and chroma which tend to be more important for carotenoid colours (see Stoddard and Prum 2008 for a more detailed description).